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Burt H. Perinchief, Ph.D. NEW
Rodney Lovett, MD
Westgate Resorts
Bob and Gladys Nealon
A. Nunziata, Seminole, Florida
Luke, Pauline and Tommy

Greg, Donna, Cory and Matthew Owens
Rusty & Margot

Holiday Inn
Clearwater Marine Aquarium

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial on behalf of Superior Aqua Systems.

For nearly four years my wife and I had been using our in-ground pool very sparingly due to an allergy she had developed to chlorine. This occurred after many years in which we swam almost daily and enjoyed the exercise it afforded us. However, as the skin rashes became increasingly worse, it was just better to stay out of the pool most of the time, and, if we used it at all, she had to limit herself to no more than twenty minutes of swimming followed by immediately showering off.

At a time of almost desperation, I just happened to see a truck in my community of Lake Mary which advertised a product which would make it possible to swim without chlorine or salt. I pursued the information and Dale Luzzi came to our rescue with the copper/silver ionization process. This happened in the summer of 2011 and we have found the process to be healthy, affordable, and putting smiles on our faces ever since.

This truly is virtually a life-saving process. We love it and would recommend it to any and all prospective customers. We are back swimming on a regular basis and we couldn't be happier.


Burt H. Perinchief, Ph.D.
Lake Mary, Florida


April 5, 2011

Dale Luzzi
Clear Water Enviro Technologies
881 Delfino Place
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

Dear Dale,

I want to give you a follow up two years after you installed the Superior Aqua Systems for our home pool. I want you to know that we are extremely pleased with the system! Copper and silver ionization has worked very, very well. Simple once a week non-chlorine oxidation and pH control has been all we have had to do! Our bathing suits require no extra cleaning. The whole pool area has been cleaner and more attractive for swimmers!

As a physician, I was very concerned that we used a system of purification that would be safe not only for us, but particularly for our children and now grandchildren as well. My son-in-law TJ Bettis who owns and operates the Orlando Outfitters shop in Orlando is also very strict with anything that might harm his children. Naturally we wanted to make sure we had a system that pleased him as well since we did want the children to our house to enjoy the pool often.

I want to report that not only are we very pleased, but TJ and our daughter are also very pleased. TJ has indicated this system is much better than the chlorine system he had installed by Pinch A Penny and his next system will definitely be one of your Superior Aqua Systems!

We have saved a lot of money, had a lot less hassle, had extremely clean water for our pool, and have not had to put up with the chlorine! And best of all for my part is that maintenance is so very easy, my wife Paulletta has volunteered to do it all with this system and I have been freed!

I was so skeptical at first, Dale, I must admit. However, now I can’t see why anyone puts up with chlorine! Please feel free to refer anyone you like for a recommendation of your product.


Rodney Lovett, M.D. FACS
Winter Springs, Florida
407 542 3655


Westgate Resorts
10000 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, Florida, 32819

To whom it my concern;

Superior Aqua Systems Pool Purification System has made a major improvement to our pools. The system has saved us approximately 80+% of our chlorine costs and eliminated all use of clarifiers, additives, etc. All we are using now is 1 ppm of Chlorine (Orange county requirements) and muriatic acid to maintain Ph levels. Our pool engineers are also pleased because they only have to make a simple test once a week, and very seldom need any adjustments. I can honestly state we have not had a pool closure since we’ve had the system. (Other than normal maintenance) We highly recommend this system to anyone that would like to simplify their pool maintenance, reduce expenses, and stay in compliance. Westgate Resorts has given Superior Aqua Systems Pool Purification system companywide approval.

According to our research, Copper and Silver ionization also kills viruses like E-coli and Legionaries disease, allowing our pool water to exceed EPA standards for drinking water.

Dale Luzzi of Clearwater Enviro Technology has worked tirelessly to make the transition to Ionization very easy. He also works with the Bureau of Water Programs, Department of Health, State of Florida, to stay informed of any changes in codes or updates.

Director of Engineering

Assistant Director of Engineering


Dear Dale,

I have never enjoyed my pool so much as I do now. Since I got the copper-silver ionization set up, my skin does not smell so terrible from the chlorine that was poured in every week by my pool service. Now I can do it myself - I have become a "PRO" at checking the PH + ion level, it is so fantastic. My skin feels so soft and I wish I would have know about years before, since I swim daily about 1/2 hour.

Thank you very much!



Bob and Gladys Nealon

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with our POOL IONIZER. Since having it installed, there has been no more RED EYE, FADDED BATHING SUITS, STRONG CHLORINE SMELL. Plus best of all, no transporting messy chlorine jugs and acid in the trunk of the car. It makes owning a pool a real joy. We test the pool only once a week, but rarely have to make any adjustments. I highly recommend anyone with a pool, install the ionizer. It is GREAT!



A. Nunziata, Seminole, Florida
“The system works beautifully and is so easy to maintain. It is one of the best additions we've made for our home. As an added bonus, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we're not polluting the environment. I highly recommend it to every pool owner.”



Luke, Pauline and Tommy of Lake Mary, FL 32746
“We have had the Superior Aqua Systems for a few months now and really notice a difference from a chlorinated pool.

It's very easy to maintain, and our pool always has that extra sparkle. We no longer experience dry skin, discolored hair, red eyes or faded bathing suite.

It's environmentally friendly, as well as being much healthy for us. The Superior Aqua Systems has far exceeded our expectation in every way, and we would highly recommend this system to any pool owner."



Greg, Donna, Cory and Matthew Owens of Longwood, FL ( 407) 332-0082
“When we purchased this house, a company that used chlorine gas for sanitizing was maintaining the pool. We immediately noticed the detrimental effect the chlorine gas was having on our eyes, skin, bathing suits and the marcite coating of the pool. We began looking for a better way to sanitize the water.

A free start-up kit of Baquacil, a non-chlorine sanitzer, was offered to us. After some investigation we decided to try it. In order to switch to Baquacil, the start up kit included enough chlorine neutralizer for 20,000 gallons of water. We let the pool operate for 9 days after stopping the chlorine service to allow as much chlorine to dissipate as possible before starting the switch to Baquacil (the service added chlorine weekly).

We did not know the water capacity of the pool, so we started the switch with the start-up kit, the first step, neutralize the chlorine, wait for a while, test for chlorine, then neutralize again if necessary. Imagine our surprise when doing the follow up test the chlorine level was still way above normal. We found out that we have a pool that is larger than 20,000 gallons, 25,000 gallons to be exact. After adding more neutralizer to the water we finally got rid of the chlorine.

Baquacil was great! The pool never looked better! The water was kind to our eyes skin and clothes and the water sparkled!. We justified the expense of Baquacil in the lower amount of time we would spend maintaining the pool (we did not have to add Baquacil during the winter months, as it does not evaporate) and the amount of time we would be in the pool. We enjoyed our Baquacil summer, the pool was used frequently and all we had to do was vacuum and brush the pool regularly and add Baquacil as needed. The only thing that we did not like about Baquacil was that after being in the pool for a while we felt waterlogged, which became apparent with the many trips to the bathroom after swimming to get rid of the water/Baquacil we had absorbed.

This summer we decided that we had had enough of the chlorine damaged marcite and resurfaced the pool with Diamond Brite. After resurfacing the pool we went to the pool store to get the start-up kit for Baquacil and the pool store was out.

About that same time we found an advertisement for the Superior Aqua Systems Swimming Pool Ionizer and called Dale Luzzi our area representative and he came and talked with us about having "chlorine and chemical free" pool water. So we decided to make the switch.

The initial cost would be lower than a year of Baquacil, the water would be even friendlier and we would have Dale's undying friendship for life! The only problem; when filling the pool after resurfacing I added a gallon of Baquacil thinking that we were going to stay with that product. Well, it turns out that Baquacil is not compatible with any other water santizer so we had to drain the pool and replace the sand in the filter (Dale helped with the switch!) and refill the pool with fresh water. The rest of the ionizer set up was easy and now we swim in an Ionized Pool!

We have none of the eye, skin or bathing suit bleaching of chlorine, nor do we have the water absorption problems of Baquacil and the water SPARKLES!

Thank you Dale!”


Rusty & Margot, Hunter's Creek, Orlando 32837
“I guess we were one the original guinea pigs on the Superior Aqua Systems, Dale approached us early in January and convinced us to try out the system. The first thing we noticed was the lack of the chlorine odor, second was that how our bodies felt after swimming, our skin and hair felt softer, and we also noticed that our swim suits no longer lost there color. But more important is how easy it has become to maintain our pool.

We are specially happy because all these months we were worrying what would happen once summer heat and rain came. Last year we spent a lot of money and time shocking the pool because of all the algae that would form in the pool, now since we have had the Clearwater Purifying System we have not had to shock our pool to since no algae has formed in our pool. Imagine all that extra chlorine we where putting into our pool !!!!!

We are very happy to have made that investment in our home, and everyone that has small children and is interested in their health should sincerely look into this system. Thank-you Dale, Winnie & Superior Aqua Systems for making our lives better.”