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Read the Facts about Chlorine

Benefit from the Wisdom of Centuries…

The Superior Aqua Systems utilizes technology that has been around for thousands of years.

  • The ancient Greeks were the first to discovered the sanitizing powers of copper. Cryus the Greek, King of Drussia, carried water in silver plagons on his many military expeditions to keep water fresh. The Egyptians kept their water in silver containers to prevent contamination.
  • Early American pioneers moving westward put copper and silver coins into their wooden water casks to provide them safe drinking water. As the wagons rolled, the agitation caused the coins to discharge ions (an electrically charged particle) into the water.
  • German obstetrician, F. Crede, instituted the application of a 1% silver nitrate solution to newborn's eyes to prevent blindness. Considered a medical milestone, this devastating disease was immediately cured and is still used today around the world on new born babies.
  • Space-age Technology developed by NASA.
      • In the 1960's, NASA scientists capitalized on this knowledge and developed an ionization system for the Apollo spacecrafts. They needed a way to supply pure drinking water for the crew on their long missions without using chlorine. Because chlorine was too toxic of a chemical to take into space.
      • The Johnson Space Center developed an electrolytic silver-ion generator only slightly larger than a cigarette pack. The units were small, lightweight, required minimal power, and chlorine free. The unit was mounted at various locations in the portable water supply and wastewater systems, and would dispense silver-ions to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Superior Aqua Systems was granted a license from NASA to commercially use their technology as the basis for its purification system. The company has been featured in NASA magazines, it's spin-off products have been presented in NASA lectures across the country, and was nominated by the Johnson Space Center's Product Hall of Fame, as one of the most successful companies using NASA technology. The units were small, lightweight, required minimal power, and chlorine free.
  • During the plague-ridden Middle Ages, mothers knew to place a silver spoon in an infant's mouth to ward off disease.
  • Silver sulfadizine is the most widely used antibacterial treatment for burns or open wounds. Many people die from severe burns because of a lack of bacterial treatment.
  • Recognized as as one of the best algae killers know to man, copper is frequently incorporated into paints and wood preservative to inhibit the growth of algae and invertebrate organisms.
  • Pool stores worldwide sell a copper-based algaecide to help kill black algae - the toughest of all.
  • Activated carbon filters are impregnated by many companies with silver to prevent bacterial buildup before it's useful life.
  • Today, silver is used as the drinking water purfiation of half the world's airlines and in over 1,000 passenger ships and in many offshore drilling rigs.